Christ Church Meadville

Where you find peace and harmony


A Church is a place where people come to find peace and harmony, Christ Church Meadville established in 2000 for the people who has lost the faith, for the people who are not aware, for the people who wants to change their by doing good in their lives.

Christ Church Meadville started donation service to help those people who are really in need for the basic rights, we encourage you to donate in our whatever you can and help the poor people so you can find peace and harmony.

  • Clearing the drinking water 
  • Helping people table the proverty 
  • Building houses for Old citizen 
  • Proving help to victims of whether disaster

Be a Volunteer

Christ Church Meadville encourage you to be a volunteer, find peace and harmony and help poor people.

Our Mission is to speared awareness to those who struggling with their lives and going for suicidal thoughts just because they are vulnerable to this world. 

You can be life saver by helping them through talks, you can help someone by showing good path.

SMS capability is provided by To cancel send STOP, for more information send HELP.


We are there

We help you to see the world with the different angle. Don`t lost hope or betray yourself. Come to us we will show you the path to find a reason live and do good to yourself.

We provide counselling

Christ Church Meadville provide counselling to the depressed people. The people who are in need of someone to counter their problem.

We remove hunger

There are still 3 billion people living in poverty. We are trying to ensure that every person on earth sleeps with a good meal. We won’t stop until we get there.

Provide a helping hand

We can’t make it alone. We need your help. Your small help can bring a big change.


Not finding the reason to live

Come to us we will help to free from worries

Help someone to help yourself

You are not alone in this world

Christ Church Meadville is there for your to help financially and mentally 

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