Church Garden

The grounds are beautiful and a great deal of work goes into maintaining them. It's just another way people can contribute to the parish community.

Our gifts from God include time and talent. There are many opportunities to use both at Christ Church.

Sunday School Assistance

While it is fine to have children experience the liturgy, it would be helpful to have them learning the great stories of our faith in Sunday School. Will you sacrifice one or two sermons a month to help our young people? It is greatly appreciated!

Wanted: A Few Good Singers

The choir would love to have some help. If you can match pitch and read music well enough to sing most of a new hymn, you can be part of the choir. See Bill Witherup. Choir requires two days a week: Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8:30 pm and Sunday mornings beginning at 9:15.

Supporting The Liturgy

The Eucharist is central to our communal worship, and the liturgy is an important part of the Eucharist. The longer the list of people who can be scheduled to participate as acolytes/crucifers, lay readers, or eucharistic ministers, the fuller the service we can provide and the less stress there is on those who serve in these roles. To inquire about this see Rev. Lash.

Help With Hospitality

To volunteer to provide transportation to people who need assistance getting to and from church see Shelley. To provide snacks for the coffee hour after mass on Sundays, sign up on the easel by the office.

Other Opportunities

While help is always needed with the general needs listed above, other needs arising can be found in the newsletter, on our Facebook page, or through the parish blog.