Coffee Hour

Of course you don't have to stay for sixty minutes (or even drink coffee), but coffee hour gives you a chance to meet folks and interact in a casual setting.

Here you can find more information about our congregation. Feel free to look around and join us.

News and Announcments

Upcoming events, the parish calendar, and the Altar Server schedule can be found in our newsletter, the Chronicle. For more current updates check the Christ Church Facebook page.

Forward, the newsletter of the Episcopal Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania, is available here. (Note: Google's Chrome browser is the only one which will display the graphics on a Mac.)

Weekly Discussions

Curious about our tradition? Want to know more about who attends Christ Church? We welcome your questions and your interest in us. Here are some ways to find out more about who we are what we believe:

  • You are invited to join us for coffee hour after our Sunday service in the Walker Room. It's easy to find, just follow the crowd headed toward the back of the building. It's very informal so don't be shy.

  • Classes may be offered for those preparing for confirmation or reception into the Episcopal Church at the Easter Vigil as well as those who are simply interested in discussing and learning about the Episcopal Church. Please express your interest in starting a new round or joining a series already in progess to Rev. Lash.


Do you play a musical intrument? Or perhaps you enjoy singing? Would you like to be an important part of our Sunday service? There is a place for you here! Please join our friendly choir. To learn more check out the music at Christ Church


Christ Church is a historical parish with beautiful building and windows.